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Do you know what differentiates ATL Advertising Vs BTL Advertising in their methods? When lines are drawn between concepts, they are usually done to delimit spaces between ideas. Sometimes what separates them is not very well defined, since there is almost no obvious limit. Other times, as in the case of ATL vs. BTL advertising, the difference is much greater.

However, the fact that there is a line between these two types of advertising does not mean that they cannot coexist. Although the reality of these two advertising disciplines is focused on pursuing different objectives.

In the disjunctive ATL Advertising Vs BTL Advertising there is no one better than the other. They are simply different. They are aimed at different channels and with different objectives. Depending on what you are pursuing, it will be more appropriate to use one or the other.

In the case of above the line advertising, it is very often used in the brand building process. Brand building is not a simple process and requires the strength of advertising activities such as those carried out by ATL advertising.

atl and btl

The competition to attract and retain consumers has led to the creation of several strategies. Although the goal is the same, each one has its own techniques, advantages and disadvantages. Two of the most widely used in the advertising world are ‘Above the Line’ (ATL) and ‘Below the line’ (BTL).

Above the Line advertising, known simply as ATL, is the one that uses mass media as main dissemination channels. Because of this, it involves high costs, but at the same time, greater reach and scope. The most commonly used media are television, radio, newspapers, magazines and billboards.

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The «below the line» advertising technique, better known by its acronym BTL, consists of the use of non-massive forms of marketing communication aimed at specific market segments.

The promotion of products or services, in theory, is carried out through actions that are characterized by the use of high doses of creativity, surprise and sense of opportunity; which would create new channels to communicate advertising messages.

In personal communication models, feedback – response, audience reaction – is instantaneous. With mass communication, however, there is no such immediacy. BTL media not only speed up the response, but also make the effectiveness of advertising more measurable.

Embrace the line: This term was popularized by Martin Bueno and Joe Wiseman at the JWT advertising agency in New York City, USA, and refers to marketing actions that are interactive and include both ATL and BTL strategies.

what is atl

For this reason, in the following lines we will explain to you, for sure, what this type of advertising is, which are its characteristics and why it is convenient for you to apply it. In addition, we will show you how it can be done.

So, BTL advertising is the way to reach those segments, through techniques such as creativity, surprise and sense of opportunity, and at the same time using new channels and methods to transmit messages.

The main characteristic of BTL advertising is that it is not developed through mass media and, instead, it takes advantage of novel and direct marketing channels, including social events and telemarketing. Other singularities are:

BTL can be developed in both digital and traditional advertising formats. In addition, it can be introduced as a promotional strategy in different methodologies and digital marketing practices.

Aspects such as leads generated, call responses and product testing become metrics that help identify errors in time or certify that the right steps are being taken.