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At the beginning, if you are not very clear about it, deciding on which competition to choose is difficult and feeling lost and full of doubts is the most common thing to do. Whatever your starting situation and your motivations, if you are thinking of preparing for a serious competition to work in a library, first take some time to inform yourself, reflect and decide if it is the right choice for you.

Apart from the obvious, the discipline, effort and dedication that you will have to invest in this, as in any other competitive examination, there are some key aspects that you will have to take into account before starting… Read More

This peculiarity of the competitive examinations in this sector generates uncertainty (not knowing when vacancies will be available), but it can also be considered an advantage because if you do not get the expected result in a selective process, there is always another one to apply for.

Broadly speaking, to apply for the position of library officer you must have a Bachelor’s degree, for assistant, a diploma, and for assistant, a bachelor’s degree or a secondary education degree.

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You must have found the above proposal curious. Surely you must have thought that it is something impossible and contradictory. How can you relate enjoyment with an exam? Although they may seem like two opposite concepts, you should open your mind and try to unite them.

Think about it. If you manage to take all the pressure off, you will end up enjoying yourself and giving your best. One strategy to achieve this is to ask yourself a question: what is the worst thing that can happen? Put yourself in the assumption of the worst option that can happen when taking that exam. Imagine in detail how you would experience that situation; don’t be afraid to think about it.

What can happen if you don’t pass the exam, if you don’t get the position you want so much? You will probably come to the conclusion that you will simply stay the same, as you are right now. And if you think about it coldly, it won’t be the same at all: you will have learned to live that experience and you will also have acquired knowledge that, even if it wasn’t enough to get your place, will fulfill you as a person.

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It was September 2005 and I had decided that I wanted to become a secondary school economics teacher. It was not an easy decision, because as an ADE student my goal had always been to work in banking. It was not a bad option at that time when banks and savings banks were «on fire» and where one could make a good career that would allow him to earn a high salary. In the middle of the real estate bubble, banking was the winning horse.

Note: you can point out the first mistake that candidates make: thinking that they can pass an exam in 9 months. To give you an idea, I recommend to the people I help in the preparation a minimum of 18 months, regardless of whether they have taken the exams before or not. But more on that later.

Note: you should also note one of the most repeated excuses by candidates: «I don’t have time». Whatever your particular situation, you can and should put in more hours.  You can always overexert yourself.

And then came the day of the exam. The exam was at the end of June in Guadalajara, and although tired, I arrived totally confident and sure that I would get a very high mark (more laughter was heard). No wonder, in less than 9 months I had memorized 67 topics out of 71 possible ones and I had mastered all the practical part. What could go wrong?

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Who has not happened to you that, although you thought to direct your steps towards a certain path, life has led you to another one? Maybe it was not very different from the original, but it was certainly not the one you expected at first. The same thing has happened to the protagonists of our today’s post: those known today as opposition influencers. For them, what started as a hobby and/or a way to motivate themselves, ended up helping other people and has become their way of life.

Laura is another of the most famous influencer of oppositions, and her publications have millions of likes. This opponent for judge of Barcelona shares in networks from her study techniques for oppositions to the moments of «crisis» that all opposition entails.

She has created her own collection of clothes, mugs… specially designed for teachers like her. She also has a blog with downloadable materials and has written a book in which she tells her experience.